Big Freedia And Kesha Are 'Chasing Rainbows' In The Happiest Video Of The Year

The two performers fly through the sky on clouds with rainbow tails

And now, the happiest video of 2020 so far! I present to you Big Freedia and Kesha's new jubilant collaboration "Chasing Rainbows" that comes with a visual about soaring through the skies on clouds while twerking on the colors of the visible spectrum. As wild as that may sound, it's endearingness is something that you'll remember the next time when it rains around you and you see a rainbow extending out of the sky. Who knows: behind the cloud that it forms from may be a never-ending line of booty-popping spirits whose sweat fuels the opalescent beauty.

Big Freedia, the Queen of Bounce music, is one of the happiest, and most energetic performers around. Her very appearance brightens the mood in any room and makes you want to dance until your legs give out. "Chasing Rainbows" is about spreading this feeling. The song itself is about being honest with the person inside of the mirror and realizing that, once you do, your potential success knows no bounds. Its video contains the feeling of this optimism with its abundance of rainbows and good spirits.

After cooking a magical multi-colored potion that's heavy on a spice named "Love" and void of another called "Fear," Big Freedia is whisked away to the sky where Kesha zooms around on her own mini cloud. Then the two, along with four amped backup dancers, perform the number while colors stream through the sky along with unicorns and aliens.

After Big Freedia gets her own cloud, she joins Kesha for a journey across the sky where they spread the joy of happiness through rainbow particles that drop off of their nimbuses. There's also a twerk break for all of the performers that doubles as a contest to see who can shake their bottom halves the best. With the mood elevated to an even more exciting one, the video ends with two young girls who get selected by rainbows like Freedia was at the beginning, proving that the performer's mission to spread cheer was a success.

"Chasing Rainbows" is the second single from Big Freedia's forthcoming EP, Louder, that's set to drop on March 13. Last year, she released the title track with an equally colorful video. The duo also collaborated on Kesha's "Raising Hell."

Check out the awesomely happy "Chasing Rainbows" video up above.

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