Iggy Azalea Is Already Anticipating Grammy Backlash Because 'Success Is Polarizing'

'I think backlash comes no matter what skin color you are,' Iggy tells MTV News.

Reporting by Cory Midgarden

Iggy Azalea is walking into the 2015 Grammy Awards with four nominations -- including one for Best Rap Album -- and she's well aware that some people might not be thrilled if she wins in a rap category.

The Australian rapper is already out in Los Angeles getting ready for her big night and course, the annual Clive Davis party, and MTV News caught up with her at the Pre-Grammy Gala rehearsals where she explained how she's feeling going into the show.

"I think backlash comes no matter what skin color you are," Iggy said, when asked if she's potentially ready to deal with the backlash Macklemore faced following last year's winning streak in rap categories.

"Success is polarizing and you just can't have one without the other," she continued. "That's something that comes with it. It's the price you pay for having all the amazing things that you're afforded and if that is the price you pay for a Grammy, I will sign that check."

It's not just fans who have a lot to say about Iggy's nominations in both rap and pop categories -- Wale also admits that he's baffled that Iggy was nominated for Best Rap Album while YG's My Krazy Life was snubbed.

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