Here's How Andy Samberg Suggests You Deal With Menstrual Cramps

"Grab a hot water bottle, couple of ibuprofs and the first season of 'Pretty Little Liars'" Andy advises.

It only makes sense that the 2014 Teen Choice Awards would also feature some teen advice, and who better to (hilariously) handle it than Andy Samberg and Mindy Kaling, who navigated sensitive topics like cheating on tests, whether to join the marching band, boxers vs. briefs and some rather spot-on advice for menstrual cramps.

You probably know you shouldn't cheat on tests, but Samberg came at the question in a different way, exclaiming, "No way, Jose!" That is, except if you're not named Jose, then he advised to go for it (he's was kidding, folks!)

Is joining a marching band lame? "I don't know, is this lame?" Kaling said before showing off her saxophone skills. As for going for clear braces, Samberg showed off his own and asked us to judge for ourselves. Answer: he had it going on.

But perhaps the most burning questions involved Peeta Vs. Gale and menstrual cramps treatment. Kaling took on the District 12 dilemma. "Maybe focus on the revolution, and then worry about dating," she quipped. And though Kaling tried to take the menstruating question, because she would have more direct experience in that area, Samberg jumped in.

"Actually, I think I got it," he said. "I'm no expert, but I guess I'd say grab a hot water bottle, couple of ibuprofs and the first season of 'Pretty Little Liars' and snuggle up under a chenille blanket with a big fat bowl of ice cream and try to forget about the stress in the outside world. There's enough going on inside your body!"


Of course, there was also that ever-important advice on boxers or briefs, to which Samberg answered "neither" before dropping his pants. A strategically-placed Teen Choice Awards logo obscured his privates, which apparently concerned Kaling enough to suggest a trip to the hospital. We hope that all gets worked out, Andy!