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Marvel Studios Announces Yet Another New Movie For 2018

Three movies per years, two years in a row!

If you're a fan of the Marvel movies, you'll be a fan of this news: Marvel has added yet another new mystery movie to its release schedule.

Late last week, Marvel Studios announced a slew of release dates from 2016 through 2019, with the biggest attention-getter being the fact that in 2017, Marvel will release three movies. That's a big break from the tradition of two movies per year, but it's also a possibility that Marvel has openly wondered about for quite some time.

As if making the move to release three movies in 2017 wasn't a big enough deal, Marvel is doubling (tripling?) down by announcing a third release date in 2018 — which means the studio behind "Avengers" will unleash six brand new movies over the course of two years.

Here's the official lineup of future Marvel movies as it stands:

August 1, 2014 — "Guardians of the Galaxy"

May 1, 2015 — "The Avengers: Age of Ultron"

July 17, 2015 — "Ant-Man"

May 6, 2016 — "Captain America 3"

July 8, 2016 — Unconfirmed (But rumored to be "Doctor Strange")

May 5, 2017 — Unconfirmed

July 27, 2017 — Unconfirmed 

November 3, 2017 — Unconfirmed

May 4, 2018 — Unconfirmed

July 6, 2018 — Unconfirmed

November 2, 2018 — Unconfirmed

May 3, 2019 — Unconfirmed

That's a whole lot of Marvel between "Guardians" and 2019, and all we can really do is speculate on which movies we'll see in those unconfirmed spots. But man, can we speculate! It seems like a "Thor" sequel is a foregone conclusion, as is a "Guardians of the Galaxy" sequel, and a third "Avengers." We know "Doctor Strange" is on the table. There's so much buzz about "Captain Marvel" and "Black Panther" that it feels like those movies have to happen. Then there's the possibility of a new "Hulk" solo movie, a fourth "Iron Man" film … truly, the possibilities are endless.

Here's one thing we know for sure: Marvel will make three movies in a year, two years in a row. That's a big step for one of the biggest games in town.

With Marvel's Comic-Con panel just days away, it's only a matter of time before we hear some official specifics. Until then, which Marvel movies do you think we'll see between now and 2019?