The Hobbit And 4 Other Surprises We Must See At Comic-Con

Robots, mutants and hobbits, together at last!

The start of San Diego Comic-Con is nearly here, and that means you're just a few nights of sleep from a deluge of insane movie news, like announcements, cast appearances and footage previews.

Since there's so much to look forward to at this Comic-Con, I'm splitting up my preview pieces, (I'll take a closer look at Warner Bros' Justice League plans and Marvel Studios later in the week) but here is what I'm dying to see go down in Hall H of the San Diego Convention Center this year.

1. Introduce the Fantastic Four

Without another chance at a Comic-Con appearance between now and the June 19 release date, now is the time for Fox to bring out its new Fantastic Four. And since Michael B. Jordan, Kate Mara, Miles Teller and Jamie Bell have been filming Josh Trank's reboot for a while now, there's a good chance we'll see some footage. Either way, the franchise is starting from scratch, so there's ground to make up when WB and Marvel Studios are poised to have huge Comic-Cons.

2. Show Us Something From "Interstellar"

Word on the street (read: "internet") is that Christopher Nolan's latest effort is very, very good, but we've only seen two trailers that only cover the film's first act. Where is all of the space travel? Or the elaborate sets we've heard so much about? Nolan has never been a big fan of Comic-Con — he's never gone, not even for "The Dark Knight" — but this could be an excellent chance for a more substantial preview.

3. A "Battle of Five Armies" Tease Worth Getting Excited About

Even the biggest defender of Peter Jackson's "The Hobbit" has to admit that the prequel trilogy, thus far, has failed to meet the high expectations set by "The Lord of the Rings" a decade ago. But with the final installment approaching and without a trailer to show for it, Comic-Con is the perfect place to debut footage that will renew enthusiasm heading into the climactic battle. And I'm not talking about one army. Not even two, three or four armies. I want to see all five armies.

4. "Apocalypse" Concept Art

The "X-Men" series has come the closest to understanding the concept of the Marvel-style post-credits tease, but our look at the world's first mutant was kind of underwhelming. Since the enormous cast won't head to set until next year, the best we could likely hope for is some concept art of a post-pubescent Apocalypse, which would be more than enough to satisfy hungry fans. Especially when the other superhero studios are announced half a dozen sequels during the same weekend.

5. Unveiling "Terminator: Genesis"

Duh-duh duh duh-duh. Imagine filling Hall H with the percussions of the "Terminator" theme. It would bring the house down, and that's exactly the first impression the rebooting trilogy needs to make. They could even bring Emilia Clarke -- the new Sarah Connor -- by, since she'll already be in San Diego for "Game of Thrones."