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This Guy Mortgaged His House (And Pride) For A Penis Extension

If you had a micro-penis, would you do the same?

Would you risk your home for a longer penis? Sounds a little crazy, right? Even for the most insecure among us.

Well, if you have a micro-penis (2.75 inches or less when erect), you might consider it. That's what this Australian man was dealing with when he decided to spend $45,000 on penis extension surgery. Known to his friends as Micro-Penis Mike (I actually just gave him that nickname), he told a Sydney-based news source that he's going under the knife again in December because things didn't work out the first time.

"The ligament regrafted itself onto the dermal fat graft and I got some retraction," he told 9 Stories.

I don't know what that means, but it sounds...disheartening. Now he's trying to get another $18,000 to fix the retraction and considering a more intense surgery that'll cost around $50k.

"It's certainly affected my confidence," he said. "Going through school it became more and more evident, and other boys thought I was an easy target."

Sure, confidence is everything for guys, but a longer penis isn't the only way to achieve it. Last month our own Lauren Vino attended the 2nd Annual Smallest Penis is Brooklyn Pageant and reported the crowd was surprisingly supportive. Many female attendees that she interviewed confess they prefer short d*ck men.