Megan Fox Goes Makeup-Free In First Instagram Selfie — Or Does She?

Follow-up question: does it matter either way?

Hey, you guys: Megan Fox joined a social media network and did a thing!

Now, typically speaking, most posts about celebrity Instagram photos — particularly of the inaugural selfie and/or make-up free variety — elicit a bevy of posts with hilarious overstatements. "Oh, look at her flawless skin!" "How brave!" "No makeup, no problem because goregeousness!" You know, that sort of stuff.

But Megan Fox's inaugural Instagram selfie is just that: an Instagram selfie wherein the person taking the photo may or may not be lying about what is going on in the photo. Because despite her claims, it sort of looks like she's got a bit of eyeliner on. Maybe some mascara and lip gloss.

Though who knows: she could just be that naturally gifted in the eye features department. I mean, we don't know her and filters can sometimes be truly magical. #Sutro. Plus, the fact that she's wearing a robe sure does encourage the idea that she #wokeuplikethis.

Either way it doesn't really matter does it? Although it is sorta less-than-cool to try and tout yourself as make-up free when you're not to your impressionable young girl fans because beauty standards are already unrealistic in 2014 — because it's just a photo of a famous person doing that thing that so many other folks her age, younger, and older do. And if she's really not wearing make-up, good for her and her skin because, you know, skin doesn't really love make-up all the time anyway.

So take a look at it! Or don't. Whatever you want to do, you do, Internet. Just like Megan Fox... or should we say "The Native Tiger."