'Pretty Little Liars' Cast Teases A 'Huge Cliffhanger' In Tonight's Mid-Season Finale

Thank goodness "Pretty Little Liars" got 12 additional episodes tacked onto its first season because we are so not ready to part ways with the four girls who put the "A" in Awesome Summer TV. Unfortunately, the extension of the season means that we have no choice but to endure something we all despise: a mid-season finale [dun dun dun]!

That dreaded final episode of the first installment of "PLL" airs tonight and even though the show won't return again until January, the cast insisted we're going to be left with plenty of shockers to keep us trying to fill in all the blanks until 2011.

"Something major happens to my character," hinted Ashley Benson of Hanna. "She finds out more information about 'A' and you're left with a huge cliffhanger."

Lucy Hale, however, wasn't quite as clear about what's going to go down with Aria tonight. In fact, she had to look to Ashley for support. "I'm not sure I can say this," she whispered to her co-star before giving in and revealing some juice. "Basically, there's just events that happen between me and my love triangle -- so me and Noel and Ezra. And, that's all I can say!"

As for Shay Mitchell's Emily, "somebody comes back into her life who means a lot and they start to rebuild a relationship." Our theory: Shay is referencing Daddy Fields.

Also rebuilding a relationship will be Spencer, who Troian Bellisario claimed will "take a step forward with her sister." Apparently, we'll find out something that happened between them in the past (our theory: it involves a boy!). Adds the actress, "A lot of things are coming out in the mid-season finale."

Among those things? Nail files and blow dryers as the episode will revolve around Mona's luxurious birthday party at a campsite. She calls it "glamping" (a.k.a. glamorous camping ... "M is for Mona and massages -- not mosquitoes"), but from the looks of the text "A" sends the girls ("Camp Mona is a scavenger hunt and I'm the prize. Come find me, bitches"), we think the big event will be anything but glamorous.

What do you hope will happen tonight on "PLL"? Do you have any guesses as to who "A" is?