Patrick Schwarzenegger Helps Make Fashion Charitable With Project360

Schwarzenegger, Nick Sheinberg and Kimberly Barth started the brand to generate awareness about global issues through fashion.

We're always happy to see people using their power for good and striving to make the world a better place, which is why we were particularly pleased to meet Patrick Schwarzenegger, Nick Sheinberg and Kimberly Barth, the dedicated young people behind Project360, a brand that uses fashion as a way to generate awareness for important global issues.

The three "philanthropreneurs" invited MTV News to visit their headquarters in Los Angeles recently, as well as their fundraiser to benefit Best Buddies, during which they explained how Project360 was born.

"Nick and I thought up the company at a women's conference in 2008 by just creating little rubber bracelets," Schwarzenegger, son of Arnold and Mariah Shriver, said of the organization's beginnings. "It was really successful, and Kimberly was working at another booth and she came up and said, 'These bracelets look great. I think we can expand from there.' We always wanted to do something that gave back to charity. Fashion and wearing clothes is a daily routine for everybody. What better way to spread the word of giving back and philanthropic ways of life than to wear something that gives back to charity?"

"The idea behind it is that it's more than fashion, it's a fashion statement," Barth added. "Everything has an inspirational message that reflects the global cause that we donate to. It's about more than clothing. It's about style and looking cute, but it's really about making a difference and making a global impact together."

Schwarzenegger said that while his famous family members inspired and instilled in him the values of public service, he and his co-founders started Project360 entirely on their own, with their own money, and their success has been particularly satisfying because of how much time and effort they've put into it.

"We sit down together, we ponder a bunch of names depending on what charities we've picked," Barth explained of their decision-making processes. "We go through different words, we talk about what has the most meaning to us and narrow them down, and we also want what would look best visually on a T-shirt."

The passionate, hardworking trio hopes the company can keep growing and one day be able to give back, like Toms Shoes' one-for-one business model.

"Every day, we have a new idea and new ambition, so we'll see what happens," Barth said. "I'm really excited about the immediate future and thrilled with how well it's come to fruition to begin with. We'll see what happens."

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