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Emily Blunt Laughed Every Time She Killed Tom Cruise In 'Edge Of Tomorrow'

Blunt and Cruise discuss the many deaths in the new sci-fi movie.

With reporting by Josh Horowitz

Usually if Tom Cruise is in an action movie, he's going to be the one kicking ass. But that's not entirely true with "Edge of Tomorrow."

"We came up with the idea of my character being kind of an anti-hero, not a soldier," Cruise told MTV News on the red carpet for the film. "A coward, and not ashamed of it either."

So if Cruise spends a lot of the movie as a coward, who does the ass-kicking? Clearly, it's the one and only Emily Blunt.

"Emily is the one who is a soldier," Cruise explained, "so you have this very unique relationship."

And Blunt didn't just get kill a lot of invading aliens in the sci-fi actioner. She got to kill Cruise, over and over and over again.

"In many violent ways, mercilessly," Blunt said. "It was really exciting. I would laugh after each take, just at Tom's face, going 'Oh c'mon.' "

With so many times killing arguably the biggest movie star on the planet, Blunt had to have a favorite.

"I sort of liked the casual one where I just don't look and I just kind of shoot him like that," Blunt said. "It's sort of like, oh God, it's so boring. I can't be bothered."

Get your fill of Blunt killing Cruise and both killing aliens in "Edge of Tomorrow," in theaters now.