Kellan Lutz Tried To Invent Alcoholic Popsicles, Got Drunk Instead

RIP, alcoholic frankenpops.

Kellan Lutz isn't just a Greek demigod and a proud alumnus of the Cullen vampire family; he's also a world-class inventor!

Or he would be, if he could manage to decode his drunken notes from that time he invented "alco-pops." Lutz made an appearance on "Conan" on Monday, where he discussed his penchant for invention, particularly his attempt with a friend to create alcoholic freeze pops.

Although the actor sincerely believes he did eventually figure out the proportions of sno-cone syrup to vodka that would result in a frozen treat, alas, he was so drunk by the time he had his "Eureka!" moment that his notes from the experiment were too sloppy and/or smeared with alcoholic goo to be legible.

Aww, Kellan. You tried.