This Selfie Proves Lupita Nyong'o And Aaron Paul Must Make A Rom-Com Immediately

Look at these two! Just look at them!

All right, so maybe a photo of a selfie isn't a selfie per se, but it's only a matter of time befor Aaron Paul tweets the photo himself. And once that happens we'll have definitive proof that he and "12 Years a Slave" star Lupita Nyong'o need to do a romantic comedy together. Immediately.

I mean, look at these two! Look at how charming and universally adored they are! Look at how cute and playful their chemistry is: goddamnit, don't you just want to see them get up to some antics? Partake in tomfoolery? Fill their days with shenanigans? End it all in some sort of modern take on the fairytale endings?

Of course you do! Look at them!

Doesn't it make you feel aww shucksy all over?

The photo is from Saturday's Veuve Cliquot Polo Classic in Jersey City, New Jersey. The annual event saw Nygong'o, Paul, and a bevy of other stars (including a similarly dressed "50 Shades" star, Dakota Johnson) come out and play fancy socialites for the day, while inadvertantly writing the next great American rom-com of our dreams.

Picture it: Paul plays Marcus, a down-on-his-luck artist type from Brooklyn, whose brief run-in with Nyong'o's Alice puts him on course for a missed connection sojourn, complete with Craigslist intrigue, a Twitter mystery, and a series of Instagram posts used to find and facilitate a second modern meet-cute. It's a romance for these modern times! You want it, you need it: it's OK to admit it — heck, that's why we did it first. So, movie studios — you listenin'?