O-Town Break 10-Year Silence With 'Skydive': Hear It Now

Hear the first song off their August 3 album, Lines & Circles.

When O-Town finally confirmed back in March they were most definitely getting the band back together, even diehard fans had to wonder if the guys could pull off another "Liquid Dreams" after a far-too-long 10-year break from music -- and not to mention, without Ashley Parker-Angel.

But with the first track of their August 3 album, Lines & Circles, Erik-Michael Estrada, Dan Miller, Trevor Penick and Jacob Underwood put those fears to rest, using a powerful ballad to prove that they do, indeed, still got it.

But that isn't to say "Skydive" is anything like "Liquid Dreams" -- or "All or Nothing," for that matter, despite that it too is a ballad. In fact, a choreographed dance wouldn't be all that appropriate for the mid-tempo track, which starts with a simple piano, opting to slowly build into something that seems to take a leap like its lyrics suggest.

"‘Skydive’ brings us back to what we are known for; a powerfully produced ballad with equally powerful performances, except this time with a unique request to our fans – ‘Will you take a leap of faith with us?’,” Estrada said in a statement to MTV News of the track, their first offering since 2002's O2.

"Skydive" will be available for purchase on July 27.