Tegan And Sara Kinda Suck At Paddle Ball, But They Rule Onstage: Watch

Love you girls!

When it comes to Hangout Fest, the one thing you have to keep in mind is that it’s the effort that counts. And while Tegan and Sara killed it onstage, when it came to our paddle ball challenge, they weren’t so hot.

The twins took on Hangout, playing songs from their Heartthrob album (and throwing a few old jams in there). In leather jackets and skinny jeans, they applauded the festival-goers in bikinis and joked they had some on underneath their rock ‘n' roll clothes.

While the duo seemed right at home onstage, they tried out the beach for a little bit.

Who needs a bikini to enjoy the sun?

Watch Tegan and Sara attempt to play paddle ball and have a little chuckle with our favorite indie pop queens. It’s OK, guys … it was windy.