One Direction's Where We Are Tour Kicks Off In Colombia: See The Pics

See the cutest photos, videos and set list from Friday night's concert.

One Direction kicked off their Where We Are Tour Friday night in Bogota, Colombia. And since most fans are very, very far away from this pinnacle event in 1D history (about 2,500 miles for me), we had to do some serious snooping.

Ahh... the glories of the Internet.

From what I could rustle up, it looks like the guys start the show with a video montage (sort of like last year's Take Me Home Tour), Niall wears plaid (squeal!), Harry wears boots and they play a ton of stuff from Midnight Memories, but they don't forget to throw in the hits that made them famous.

How about this high note from Zayn?

Niall rocks.

So does Harry.

Vine users katheeotalora and Veronica really pulled through for Directioners last night.

And — OMG — they did the rowboat move. Zayn wasn't too into it though.

Thank you and goodnight!

And it ended with fireworks. Of course.

Here's the reported setlist from One Direction's Where We Are show in Bogota, Colombia, on April 25, 2014:

"Midnight Memories"

"Little Black Dress "

"Kiss You"

"Why Don't We Go There"

"Rock Me"

"Don't Forget Where You Belong"

"Live While We're Young"

"C'mon, C'mon"

"Right Now"

"Through The Dark"


"Little Things"



"Better Than Words"


"One Thing"


"What Makes You Beautiful"

"You & I"

"Story of My Life"

"Little White Lies"

"Best Song Ever"