MTV's Musical March Madness: Echosmith Have Championships, Chipotle On Their Mind

After an upset victory in round one, Echosmith are gunning for the #MMM crown.

MTV's Musical March Madness tournament is midway through round two ... though, to be honest, we're still coming to grips with the seismically-shocking upset Echosmith pulled in round one.

In what will certainly go down as one of the most improbable victories in #MMM history, the unheralded L.A. quartet — making their first appearance in the tournament — knocked off ,a href="">Thirty Seconds To Mars, a perennial powerhouse who one year ago battled Ed Sheeran for the championship.

Now, Jared Leto and Co. are out ... and Echosmith move on to face the Used in the second round. They're the underdogs once again, but as frontwoman Sydney Sierota told MTV News, they're ready to prove that their win over 30 STM was no fluke. Not entirely, at least.

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"We didn't expect it; nobody did," she laughed. "Thirty Seconds To Mars is pretty awesome, we love that band, and we didn't think we could beat them until we actually did. We kinda came out of nowhere, so we feel pretty good."

And now, Echosmith are out to shock the world once again. But for a band with zero athletic experience ("I did play soccer for bit," Sierota said), advancing in the tournament may prove tough ... so they're relying on their one advantage: Unity.

After all, though the term is thrown about loosely these days, Echosmith are literally a band of brothers, made up of siblings Sydney, Jamie, Noah and Graham. And they're counting on that bond — and their fans — to help carry them past the Used, into the Sweet 16, and perhaps beyond.

"We'll see what happens. If we win, maybe we'll take the trophy on the Warped Tour with us," Sierota said. "Or at least we'll let out fans pose for pictures with it."

And if Echosmith can continue to roll all the way to the #MMM trophy, what would be their first act as reigning champions?

"I'm not sure," Sierota laughed. "Maybe get some Chipotle? I love Chipotle."

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