Will Taylor's Next Song Be About Lorde Friend-Breaking Up With Her?

Ellie Goulding is the new blonde in Lorde's life, it seems.

Oh, Taylor, you should have known that Lorde was trouble when she walked in — her Black Death fingers were a dead giveaway to the inherent blackness in her heart.

Yup, it looks like Ella has gone and replaced you with another blonde crooner whose name is mere letters away from her own: Ellie Goulding. The treachery...

Goulding has apparently been pretty busy during her most recent stint in NYC; not only did she find time to premiere the music video for her "Divergent" track, "Beating Heart," on MTV, she also snapped the below Instagram shot with the "Royals" singer, who was just brimming with kisses for the Brit.

Both musicians posted the snap to the social network on Thursday (March 13), with Lorde captioning it, "post show w this lil darlin."

Perhaps the two had a hang sesh after the 17-year-old's stint at New York's Roseland Ballroom? Or maybe they hung after Goulding took the stage in NYC. Either way, hang out they did. And it looked to be glorious.

Whatever the circumstances, however, the important thing to note here is that bestie Taylor Swift is absent from the shot, despite the fact that Swift and Goulding are apparently pals as well. Swift shared a polaroid of her and Ellie a few weeks ago with the caption, "Ellie Forever."

Yeah, well, "forever" apparently means "for sometimes," am I right, Tay?

What, Ells? You couldn't invite Taylor to crash your bro-down? You couldn't all kiss and have lovely hair together? Did all the fun you had at the Grammys — and during that awesome-looking girls weekend — mean nothing?

Better get out your notebook and start scrawling down the details of this most recent heartbreak, Taylor. Suggested song title: "Oh, Lorde (Why Did You Forsake Me?)."

Note: This is obviously a joke. Lorde can have as many friends as she likes. Call me, Lorde.