Big Sean, Danny Brown, Earl Sweatshirt: Who's The Real 'Black Brad Pitt?'

Earl Sweatshirt and Danny Brown fans challenge Big Sean's 'Sanctified' lyric.

Disclaimer: This is not one of the most important decisions you'll make all week, unless, of course, you're considering that the feelings and bragging rights of three talented rappers — Big Sean, Danny Brown and Earl Sweatshirt — are at stake.

If you never knew that the "black Brad Pitt" was even a thing, here's your official refresher course.

Danny Brown can lay some early claim since he appeared on U.K. duo Evil Nine's 2012 single "The Black Brad Pitt" rapping, "All these h--s on my d---/Cause I'm the black Brad Pitt."

Big Sean entered the running on Wednesday, when he dropped a remix to Rick Ross' Mastermind track "Sanctified," and referenced his actress fiancée Naya Rivera when he spit, "I feel like I'm the black Brad Pitt when I wake up to f---in' an actress/We just shot a movie last night on the couch and I swear that sh-- is a classic."

And Earl Sweatshirt — well, he put it on a jersey, so it must be real.

In response to an article MTV News published on Thursday morning (March 6), which quoted Big Sean's recent declaration, the Odd Future tweeted a photo of himself sporting a baseball jersey with " Brad Pitt" written on the back.

Unless he's rapping, Earl is usually a man of few words, so his tweet said it all: The competition is real.

Fans have been getting heated as they weigh in on behalf of their favorite rappers. So, hit the poll and tell us who really deserves to be crowned the real "black Brad Pitt."