Watch Ed Sheeran (Try To) Cover Beyonce's 'Drunk In Love'

Singer stops by Ryan Seacrest's radio show to show off his latest tat and talk about his upcoming album.

The anticipation for Ed Sheeran's new album may be driving some of you crazy, but fear not Sheerios, the wait is almost up.

Sheeran promised that after awards season "the next album begins," and he seems to be a man true to his word. On Wednesday (March 5), the singer stopped by Ryan Seacrest's radio show, where he performed his own acoustic rendition of Beyonce's "Drunk in Love," and revealed that while on tour this past year with Taylor Swift, he's written "about 120 songs."

"I was in America for 11 1/2 months, which as an Englishman is quite hard to do. I missed tea," Sheeran said. "I loved it, I lived in Nashville for six months, L.A. for three months and New York for two months and it was good. I wrote a lot of stuff, I wrote the whole of this next record, I wrote the whole of the next, the whole of the next."

And it seems that his time in America played a heavy part in the subject matters of the songs, writing about the people and experiences he had while in the States.

"America is one these countries where you have a lot of experiences and meet a lot of people," Sheeran said. "It's not just rapping about rope chains and such, there are songs that are inspired by Nashville. "

Want more hints on Sheeran's upcoming untitled album? Well, it seems we should look no further than his arm. Ed showed off his new teddy bear tattoo on his bicep and a tattoo that says "Blood Stream," which is a name of a song off his upcoming effort.

That tattoos won't stop there: Sheeran, who released a snippet of a new song on "nstagram last month, confirmed that he's commemorating this record with a full sleeve.

"The left arm is done and we are working on the right one," celeb tattoo artist Kevin Paul said."He had a teddy bear a couple of weeks ago, because he was called 'Teddy' at school. He's also had a rose done, and a lizard, which was to do with his new album. There's loads we're working on now."