Danity Kane Ready For An 'Inspiring' Reality Sequel To 'Making The Band'

Aubrey O'Day says the ladies would 'love to share the next phase of what we're going through.'

Danity Kane are no strangers to having their lives taped. They became a group and split up on MTV' s "Making the Band," reunited at the VMAs, and if it were up to the ladies, they'd have their own reality show too.

When MTV News caught up with Aubrey O'Day on the set of "Retromania," the 30-year-old singer teased that new music isn't the only thing the group has in the works.

"We are always filming something," the pop star said. "The group would love to share the next phase of what we're going through. And it's a lot. It's definitely TV-worthy."

But according to Aubrey, their show wouldn't be just drama and cat fights. Instead, the foursome would want to focus on inspiring fans at home.

"There's a lot of crap on TV, and I love rich dumb people just as much as everybody else does, but we can put a few more inspiring people on television as well," she said. "Inspiring doesn't mean boring, inspiring just means, makes you feel yourself. We, like, zone out and watch TV to escape ourselves, but television, when it makes you feel yourself, it's even more powerful."

While the group has been working nonstop on their third album, a release date is still to be determined. One thing is for certain, you'll be hearing something from DK in 2014.

"There's going to be new music this year, released to the fans, absolutely," Aubrey said. "How we do it and in what form is still being discussed, and you know, we have deals on the table, we have all kinds of interesting opportunities, we're trying not to make the same mistakes that we got caught in the first time around, so it's requiring us to move slowly. It's requiring us to think out of the box and take bigger risks and getting to that point sometimes takes time."