'Arrow' Recap: The League Of Assassins Returns To Starling City In Search of Sara Lance

When Sara comes back to Starling City to check in on her sister, the League of Assassins tears the family apart.

Kicking off this week's episode with an awesome airport fight, "Heir to the Demon" revolves around Sara and family as the missing Lance returns to Starling City to check in on her hospitalized sister, Laurel. Later, it's revealed that Laurel was poisoned by the League of Assassins in order to draw Sara out into the open. Meanwhile, the Queens are forced to deal with their own trust issues as Oliver discovers who Thea's real father is. Here are some highlights from this week's episode of "Arrow":

Nyssa Is The New Talia

While Nyssa introduces herself as the daughter of Ra's al Ghul, we all know that the demon's true daughter is Talia; as played by Marion Cotillard in "The Dark Knight Rises." According to DC comic book canon, Nyssa is actually a love child that Ra's sired during his travels in 19th-century Russia. Could this mean that Talia will be paying Starling City a visit as well? What are the chances that Talia is also in love with Sara?

Oliver Hates His Mother

After flagging a huge payment from Moira's secret Tempest bank account, Felicity figures out that Malcolm Merlyn is Thea's real father. Eventually, Oliver manages to extract the truth from his otherwise very talkative assistant, leading him to forfeit whatever trust he had left in his mother. How long can Oliver publicly pretend to support his mother while privately loathing her and how long can the two of them keep the truth from Thea?

Bring It, Moira

In the spirit of competition, Moira pays Sebastian Blood a friendly visit in order to reassure her rival that she isn't frightened of him. However, she should be very frightened considering that Blood has some very powerful, very evil friends, i.e. Slade Wilson. Being that Slade has a personal vendetta with Moira's son, Oliver, we think it's pretty safe to say that her days in Starling City are numbered.

Laurel Hates Her Sister

When Laurel finally learns that her sister is actually still alive, she immediately blames Sara for all of her problems. After all, Sara is totally responsible for stealing Oliver away from her, getting their parents divorced and getting Laurel poisoned. How much worse do you think she'll get once she discovers that Oliver and Sara are an item again?

Green Arrow and Black Canary

Although Nyssa is the one who truly loves Sara, at the end of the day, it's Oliver Queen whom she comes home to. With the Arrow and the Canary finally together again, this could be the vigilante team-up that we've been waiting for since episode one. So... where does that leave Roy Harper?