'Amazing Spider-Man 2' Super Bowl Trailer's 7 Greatest Moments

Peter Parker's enemies unite in a new 'Spider-Man' trailer, and we've got the highlights.

"What's in a name," you ask? Clearly, you never encountered Max Dillon before.

Dillon, better known by his super-villain code-name "Electro," is front and center in a new "Amazing Spider-Man 2" featurette titled "Enemies Unite," released in conjunction with the "Spider-Man" Super Bowl trailer. It's almost four minutes of geeky goodness — so much geeky goodness, in fact, that we're going to relive it all right here and now.

Swing into our breakdown of the new "Spider-Man" preview!

1. Dirty Laundry:

Peter Parker spends most of his hours swinging around skyscrapers, wearing his red-and-blue tights, battling foes with code-names like "Electro" and "Rhino." But oh, how those enemies would laugh if they knew the name of Peter's true nemesis: "The Laundry Sheiff," better known as Aunt May Parker.

2. The Best Part About Being Spider-Man:

Is "everything," according to the hero. It's a dorky one-liner from the dorkiest superhero of them all. And speaking of dorkiness...

3. Maximum Adorkability:

Max Dillon encounters his hero, Spider-Man, for the very first time in the new trailer. He experiences Comic-Con levels of nerding-out when he learns that he's Spidey's "eyes and ears" on the ground — even though that's just Spidey tossing him a bone, and not being especially serious. But the throwaway line is enough to toss Max down a dark and dangerous path.

4. Accidents Happen:

The featurette shows how Max becomes Electro. Late at night, Max visits the Oscorp office, and falls into a pool of water brimming with electric eels. The accident proves fateful, when Dillon emerges with a crackling voice and electric-blue skin. It's not a note-for-note replication of Electro's origin in the comics, but it's a cool scene all the same, and one that ties in closer to the movies' Oscorp mythology.

5. Times For Action:

After the accident, Electro wanders over to Manhattan's Times Square, with vengeance in his heart and power at his fingertips. His Spider-Man worship has already given way to Spider-Man hatred, as the two begin a knockout brawl — one that Spidey tries to avoid with words before action. It's a nice change of pace, seeing a superhero try to talk his way out of a bad situation before resorting to fisticuffs. (Take a lesson here, "Man of Steel.") But no amount of talk can untangle the web that Electro has weaved for himself.

6. Friends Have Secrets:

Halfway into the trailer, the focus shifts from Electro and onto Harry Osborn, Norman's son and heir to Oscorp. It's a reunion of sorts for Peter and Harry, as the two were childhood friends once upon a time, before Harry went off to boarding school. And when Harry returns, he comes back with a secret: Oscorp has had Peter under surveillance all his life, for reasons unknown.

7. Enemies Have Secrets:

It's clear that Harry isn't the boy Peter remembers him to be, as he teams up with the likes of Electro, Rhino, and even the mysterious man from the end of the first "Amazing Spider-Man." We also see glimpses of mechanical wings and tentacles, nods to the coming arrival of Vulture and Doctor Octopus. Will we see those foes appear in the upcoming "Spider-Man" sequel, or is it just a sign of things to come?

Either way, Spider-Man has more than enough on his plate — and we can't wait to see how he holds up against these united enemies.

"The Amazing Spider-Man 2" hits theaters on May 2.