'Arrow': Everything You Missed On 'Blind Spot'

Major DC Comics villain debuts.

"Arrow" wasted no time introducing major villains, killing recurring characters, and finally paying off a sidekick's long journey on "Blind Spot." Here's all the big moments from the episode:

Don't Tell The Babysitter, Mom Is Dead

The villainous Sebastian Blood pays his dear old mother a visit, asking about their mutual acquaintance: Laurel Lance. Blood finds out Laurel knows he murdered his own dad, and he murders his mom as revenge. We guess that's what you get for having a family with the surname "Blood!"

Laurel Got A Gun

If you thought Laurel Lance was a basket case in the first half of this season, just wait till you see what comes next! Now that Laurel has officially killed someone — a police officer no less — we think it's pretty safe to say that her substance abuse is the least of her worries. Could it be that Laurel's killing of Officer Daily has put her well on her way towards becoming the next Black Canary?

Sarah Abandons Ivo

In the flashback portion of this week's episode, Sarah steals Oliver's radio and contacts the evil Professor Ivo. While initially she seems to want to re-connect with Ivo, by the end of her conversation it's quite clear that she wants absolutely nothing to do with him. We still have a lot of blanks to fill between her time on The Island, and becoming Black Canary; but clearly, her hero journey has begun.

Laurel is Oliver's Kryptonite

During Oliver's fight with Brother Blood, Laurel actually saves Oliver's life by shooting Officer Daily to death. It's because of this that Oliver finally realizes that Laurel is his "Blind Spot" and that she theoretically throws him off of his game. This, of course, is a huge step forward for Oliver who's been religiously stubborn whenever the subject of Laurel is brought up.


Earlier this season, we got a glimpse of Slade Wilson in a present day Starling City. This week, we finally got a look at his fully decked-out costume as classic DC villain Deathstroke! Here's hoping that the final showdown between Oliver and Slade is as badass as this week's reveal.

Arrow's New Sidekick

After Roy loses control and beats a crazy lawyer nearly to death, Thea finally realizes that there's something wrong with her boyfriend. Going to Oliver for help, the vigilante steps in and offers to train Roy and help him control his new powers. Needless to say, this is the team-up that everyone's been waiting for! Roy doesn't have the red mask and costume yet, but no it's a matter of episodes, rather than an eternal fan question.

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