'Jack Ryan' Star Chris Pine Breaks Down His Insane Motorcycle Stunts

Pine tells MTV News about playing Jack Ryan: 'He's a man that is tough and rough, but he doesn't normally usually fight.'

For all the guys out there, "Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit" features Captain Kirk speeding through city streets on a huge Ducati, wielding a gun and generally kicking a lot of ass.

For the ladies, the film features Chris Pine doing all of the above in a suit. (Date night, anyone?)

The actor told MTV News that he did "a lot" of his own stunt work for the film, including some dangerous 50 mph maneuvering on a motorcycle. "I think the most fun I had was riding this motorcycle in and out of the traffic in New York, which was frightening but a lot of fun," he said.

"The great thing about the character is that Jack Ryan isn't the most physically adept: It's not like he's Jason Bourne or James Bond," Pine said, admitting that the physical demands of the role weren't too much of a stretch. "He's a man that is tough and rough, but he doesn't normally usually fight; he's usually behind a desk. In these fight sequences, it's a lot about him trying to figure out how to win when your forte is not exactly kicking ass."

Outside of the "Star Trek" franchise, Pine has showed off his range with roles in "Unstoppable," "This Means War" and "People Like Us." Later this year, we'll see his comedic chops in "Horrible Bosses 2" and hear his singing voice as Cinderella's Prince in "Into the Woods."

When casting Pine opposite Keira Knightly in the film, director and co-star Kenneth Branagh saw a spark of undeniable chemistry between the two actors.

"I thought that she would be a great chemical match with Chris Pine, who I think brings an approachable quality, intelligence, humor, a sense of fun and complexity to Jack Ryan," Branagh told MTV News. "You root for him, and I think everything that makes him as incredibly charming as he is — for instance, in the 'Star Trek' films — he uses in a completely different way here, but with equally compelling results."

"Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit," also starring Kevin Costner, opens nationwide Friday.