'The Hunger Games' Gift Guide: For The Tribute In Your Life

From chocolates, to make-up, your complete 'Hunger Games' gift guide.

It's almost the holidays! And though the post-apocalyptic wasteland of Panem probably doesn't celebrate much of anything, you'll still need to purchase a few gifts for "The Hunger Games" fan in your life. Herewith, a list of all the best Tribute-friendly presents you'll want to pick up this year. May the purchasing ever be in your favor:

Catching Fire Chocolate Bars

This collection of high end chocolate bars accurately reflects each District, from mined salt for District 12, to rare harvest cashews for District 1. [$65, Vosges]

Training Shirt

The sequel to "Training Day," this training shirt is a replica of the ones worn by Peeta and Katniss once they hit the Capitol. Perfect for painting in, or trying to assault your Gamesmaker. [$32.99-$65.99, Amazon]

The Periodic Table Of Panem

This nerdy, spoilery 11"x17" print lists all of the "Hunger Games" characters, as well as their eventual fate. Avoid if you haven't read all three books, but for everyone else it'll create a nice reaction. [$14.08, Etsy]

Hand Painted Shoes

There's a number of hand-painted kicks you can snag, but these are our faves. Only caveat? You must be a Women's size 9. [$60, Etsy]

Nightlock Berries Pendant

Taking its cue from the climactic scene of the first book/movie, this lovely pendant features the berries Peeta and Katniss almost, but don't quite, eat that allows them to win the Games. [$13, Etsy]

Reaping Necklace

Mixing the Reaping Ball, with Katniss' arrows, this pearl and silver necklace will make you want to volunteer to take the giftee's place [$23.28, Etsy]

Girl On Fire Cape

Want one of Katniss' iconic looks from the movie? Then you'll want to grab this insanely faithful "Girl on Fire" cape, which recreates the moment Katniss explodes into flame, without all the hot danger. [$99, Etsy]

Effie Trinket Butterfly Hat

Not that anything associated with Effie could be subtle, but at least this butterfly hat is slightly less insane than the costume she wore in "Catching Fire." Perfect for home, or office. Not really. [$50, Etsy]

My Patronus Is A Mockingjay Poster

When a poster mashes up "Harry Potter" and "Hunger Games" so effectively, we can't pass it by. This would only be trumped by a poster that says, "My Avox Is A House Elf." [$15, Etsy]

Hunger Games Chibi Miniatures

Peeta is holding a tiny little loaf of bread. Your argument is invalid. [$36, Etsy]

Mellark Bakery Apron

Speaking of everyone's favorite master baker, here's an apron that under no circumstances would be allowed in Panem, but will probably fly in your kitchen. [$Price, Cafepress]

Deluxe "Hunger Games" Book

The deluxe edition of the original novel features a new slipcase cover which will make even prior owners of the book happy. [$23.46, Hob's Hunger Games Store]

Foil UK Editions

You might need to team up with a Brit friend, but in the UK only the original trilogy is on sale in shiny new foil covered editions. [$22.69, Amazon UK]

Katniss' Arena Jacket

You'll be ready to take on all comers with this authentic replica of Katniss' Arena jacket. Hopefully not a tracker-jacket, but if you want that honey you better be prepared to get stung. Honey being the jacket in this scenario. [$89.99, ThinkGeek]

Catching Fire Mug

Okay, a mug might not be the most hardcore gift ever, but it changes design based on heat! Just like Katniss' dresses! [$14.99, ThinkGeek]

Covergirl Capitol Beauty Studio

Covergirl has updated their makeup line for "Catching Fire," complete with looks for each District. Except for District 13, which we all know doesn't exist. OR DOES IT??? [Price Varies, Covergirl]

District 12 Limited Edition Set

Hey, didn't they make a movie out of "The Hunger Games" at some point? Just in case you forget, here's a deluxe edition of the first movie complete with Blu-ray, parachute compartment necklace, bag clip, arena sack, and more. [$50.82, Amazon]