Lady Gaga Invades 'President' R. Kelly's Oval Office At American Music Awards

Gaga's performance of 'Do What U Want' had a White House scandal theme.

She's been doused in blood, performed as her male alter ego and turned herself into a living canvas, but, somehow, Lady Gaga found a way to up the WTF factor at Sunday night's American Music Awards.

Since she already dry-humped her songmate R. Kelly

on "Saturday Night Live" last weekend
, this time around the pair played house ... White House.

The scene opened with Gaga seemingly taking another swing at one of the wacky characters she played on "SNL," sitting at a desk while wearing a gold lame jacket and glasses and pretending to be a nerdy secretary. When the phone rang it was none other than "President Kelly" on the line, as the cameras panned to the ultra-smooth Bump N' Grinder-in-chief behind his Oval Office desk telling his honey that he's had a bad day and could really use some lunch. "Girl you've been working for me for six long years, you know what I want," he crooned in his patented I-can-make-anything-into-a-song

"I want that Italian ... I want that Italian," he answered as Gaga jumped for joy behind her desk and he waved around his lit cigar. "Coming right up, Robert," Gaga purred, stopping to put on some lipstick before sauntering over.

Mother Monster was joined by to dancers in shiny outfits before she jumped up on the presidential desk and started a dance routine that had the R&B president staring up under her about-to-be-discarded skirt. Soon enough, Kelly, wearing baggy black leather pants, a leather blazer, white shirts and boots was up on his desk as well, singing about laying in the cut and not giving a ... well, something you never really hear the president say.

Gaga joined a team of lithe secret service dancers to for a quick jazzy routine before Commander Kelly yelled, "Who put these pictures on Instagram?" before pushing Gaga away. Begging forgiveness, she fell to the stage and wailed, "I would fall apart if you break my heart/So just take my body." It was all for naught, though, as a member of the press asked the other black president, "Now, President Kelly who is this girl?" Kels denied any knowledge of Gaga and stormed off.

Crushed, the singer ended the performance on top of a grand piano wailing, "do what u want with my body" while a video of a school age Gaga playing piano screened in the background. As the performance wound down a string of fake headlines ran behind on big screen, including "Lady Gaga is Fat" and "Lady Gaga is Over."

On a night off, the king of Miami, LeBron James, couldn't help but weigh in on the scandalous performance, writing, "Lady Gaga and R.Kelly killing the ‪#AMAs right now!"