Trinidad James' 'Gangsta' Attitude In Anti-NYC Rant Is What Irked Maino [Listen]

Maino's irate phone call with Trinidad James leaked onto the Internet on Tuesday night.

Trinidad James ignited New York City when he claimed that Atlanta artists ran the Big Apple's hip-hop scene. Since then, though, he has spent his time trying to quell the flames from the fiery debate. And now it turns out, James' most recent video, clarifying his remarks, came after some heavy coaxing from Brooklyn rapper Maino.

On Monday, Trinidad dropped a YouTube video titled "The Truth Will Set You Free," in which he explained (but didn't apologize for) the comments he made about NY rap while performing in Brooklyn on November 12.

"What happened was, I picked the wrong place to have a barbershop conversation," James said in the clip. "This is not an apology and I'm never apologizing for the truth — I don't believe in it — but this to let the city of New York know I wasn't trying to disrespect you at all."

Now we've learned that the gesture came after Maino made a phone call call to the "All Gold Everything" rapper: A taped, six-minute conversation which made its way to the Internet on Tuesday night. And James barely gets a word in as Maino challenges him. The Hustle Hard MC not only calls James' assertions offensive, but says he's bothered by the bit of tough talk that James displayed onstage.

"I'm not trying to start nothin', but if you wanna do somethin', we can do somethin'. I don't give a f---. I'm just being honest with you," James was recorded telling the Brooklyn crowd.

Maino apparently didn't take that well, barking to James over the phone, "You took away from whatever your opinion was. Whatever your opinion was, you unvalidated in that spot when you started talking some gangsta sh--." Never in the history of my city has a n---a stepped foot on a New York City stage and disrespected our city like you did."

In Maino's opinion, James wouldn't have made such comments in other hip-hop cities like Los Angles or Detroit. "This ain't about me trying to be a bully or me trying to punk you or none of that, it's about right or wrong," he explained before insisting that Trinidad apologize to the city of New York. "I ain't saying you need to apologize to me 'cause it ain't about me, it's about my city. You need to apologize to my city, my n---a."

When Trinidad did get a moment to speak, he told Maino that what he — and the hip-hop world — saw was just a piece of video that existed in the larger context of his stage show.

"You can't get caught up in how the media put something out there," James argued. "When I went to my show and stepped out on that stage, my brother, I said a lot of sh--. They chose to only show you that part."