'Vampire Academy' Captures 'Hilarity' Of Teen Years

Star Zoey Deutch praises Dan Waters' insightful script.

"Vampire Academy" star Zoey Deutch knows which scene you're most anticipating in her upcoming fang flick (*cough* lust charm *cough*), and she doesn't blame you. But if she had her pick, she'd select a slightly-less-sexy-yet-still-intimate moment with co-star Danila Kozlovsky as her favorite.

"Funnily enough, there's a little scene of Dimitri and I walking back from training that ended up being my favorite scene, and I think it had something to do with the fact that it was a scene where the camera was very far away," Deutch told MTV News' Josh Horowitz recently. "It was very weird. It just felt very natural and very real, and it was towards the end, and it was also during the day, and we were mostly shooting at night, so it was like, 'Sunlight!'"

Night shoots are just one of the occupational hazards of filming a movie about teen bloodsuckers, but Deutch insisted that she actually felt quite comfortable on a new, nocturnal schedule.

"What's even weirder, I felt like I was supposed to be there. I felt, like, totally happy and content and fine with adjusting to night shoots and being away from home for four months," she said. "It was a joy. And I think a lot of that has to do with the fact that I became so close to everyone in the cast, including Lucy [Fry], who is my best friend now, truly. I talk to her every day, and Mark Waters, who is the director, he's wonderful. He really made me feel at home."

While Mark directed the film — based on Richelle Mead's best-selling book series — brother Dan wrote the script, and Deutch admits she isn't quite sure how the male screenwriter so accurately grasped the teen girl lexicon.

"Dan Waters, he's a weirdo," Deutch said. "I don't know why he can capture a 17-year-old girl's way of speaking, but he really can. Really well. That's one of the things that initially struck me about the script, was that it was able to capture the hilarity of being a teenager so vividly. And I know, because I'm a teenager."

"Vampire Academy" hits theaters February 14, 2014.