Chvrches Wanted Their Debut To Be As 'Gnarly' As The '80s Themselves

Scottish band looked to gory horror films for inspiration on The Bones of What You Believe.

Chvrches may have one of the most anticipated debut albums of the fall — The Bones of What You Believe drops tomorrow — but when it comes to fame, the trio don't think they're quite there yet.

"I don't think we'd consider ourselves famous at this point," Martin Doherty said. "We're just getting on with what we're doing. I think we've got a bit to go before we can say that."

Chvrches have been creating their share of buzz online and off since dropping their Recover EP in March of this year. In the ensuing months, they have toured with the likes of Passion Pit and Depeche Mode, recently appearing on MTV Hive's Artist To Watch Live stream on Friday.

Steady chatter has been growing for months about their debut LP, which is a darkly dancey — and extremely catchy — '80s-esque work replete with bangers like "Recover" and "The Mother We Share."

According to Iain Cook, the throwback sound of the record is mostly influenced by films — specifically horror flicks. "A lot of our earliest, most impressionable moments with music were when we were growing up watching movies and the songs from the soundtracks, but also the score," Cook told MTV News. "A lot of sci-fi and horror scores from the '80s where they wouldn't use orchestras and they would use electronic instruments, I guess for budgetary reasons or whatever, tend to be particularly memorable, because they can be really gnarly and they work really well with the gore." Cook is a big horror buff, he said.

That minimal equipment and rich sound idea runs throughout the band's debut LP, which has already begun raking in its share of praise since it premiered on NPR last week.

Still, as we previously stated, the band has no grand view of themselves as famous artists just yet. In fact, Doherty recently had a run-in with Morrissey — a childhood idol — at the airport in which he was shoo'd away from the iconic musician by a bevy of bodyguards.

After tomorrow, however, perhaps Morrissey will be aiming to shake their hands.