Afrojack Drops Trippy 'As Your Friend' Video

DJ/Producer practices mind control in trippy video with vocals by Chris Brown.

Afrojack is truly the master of his own domain. The world famous DJ/Producer gets into some trippy mind-control experiments in the spooky video for his Chris Brown collabo, "As Your Friend,"
which premiered on Friday (March 29).

The clip for the high energy dance track, directed by Holland's Opslaan Als, takes place in a dark dreamland, opening with images of two dancers on a foggy soundstage acting out the lyrics about breaking free and flying away. Sitting on a spiky, laser-lit throne, 'Jack controls all the action, sending a group of "Mad Max"-like dancers in fishnets and metal bras into their routine with a flick of his finger.

A motorcycle rider who rolls into frame popping a wheelie soon invades the stark scene and an eagle lands on the DJ's hand as his throne erupts in pulsing green lights. Add in a freaky female dressed in a chain mail helmet with metal spikes sprouting from her forehead and silver paint on her fingertips, a woman doused in flames, another one with a flame thrower and a big sumo-looking dude with a chainsaw cutting a giant golden cube in half, and you have the makings of the best/worst dream you've ever had.

All the while, Afrojack sits impassively on his disco throne, making it all happen with a sly smile on his face.

The Grammy award-winning producer/DJ recently signed an exclusive worldwide deal with the Island Records and Universal Music Group through his Wall Recordings label. The new partnership will promote "Friend," which will appear on Jack's upcoming debut album,
 which is currently slated for release in the fall. "Friend" was co-written by the DJ, with Brown, Wall Recording artist Leroy Styles, Polow da Don and Nadir Sakir.

The track first crept out online in early December and Afrojack said Brown was roped in after pal Polow played him the track. "He jumped on it immediately. I got vocals," said Afrojack. "I was like 'wow' and he killed it completely. Like he did a part that we already wrote and he did a completely new part. It fits perfectly. It's like streamline; it's like a fast car."