Drake Takes Subliminal Shots On '5 Am in Toronto'

MTV News' #5 'Hottest MC' aims at naysayers, competitors and an unnamed 'list' on new track.

There's something about those early morning hours that inspire Drake. While the world slept, the Young Money spitter dropped "5 Am in Toronto," a snap-fest filled with subtle and not-so-subtle rap darts.

Continuing where he left off with the eerie-sounding "Started From the Bottom," Drizzy starts off reminding doubters of his record-breaking accomplishments. "You underestimated greatly/ Most #1s ever, how long did it really take me?/ The part I love most is they need me more than they hate me/ So they never take shots, I got everybody on safety," he spits over the pounding Boi-1da track, which hit his October's Very Own blog on Thursday (March 7).

Without a hook, Drake takes numerous competitors and naysayers to task, rhyming for almost three minutes straight. While he doesn't get specific, Drizzy's placement at #5 on MTV News' "Hottest MCs in the Game VIII" has some thinking "5 AM in Toronto" may be in reaction to the list. "I made Forbes list n---a, F--- your list/ Everything's looking gorgeous," he boasts, toasting his 2012 earnings.

Apart from the similarity in names, though, this new track has a different energy than the subdued "9 AM in Dallas," a track Drake dropped in 2010 shortly before he dropped his debut, Thank Me Later. It's clear Drizzy is aiming at unnamed targets on the newer track. He directly references his 2013 Grammy win and "bad press" from his alleged involvement in the bottle-throwing brawl last summer. And lines like "Where you think she at when she ain't with ya?" fuel speculation that the Toronto MC is taking shots at the once-rumored love triangle between him Chris Brown and Rihanna.

Drake's onetime collaborator The Weeknd may also be a target on the track.

" 'Cause I show love, never get the same outta n---as/ It's funny how money can make change outta n---as," Drizzy raps a few weeks after a verified, Drake-associated Twitter account posted a short message: "Just OVO."

In 2011, after Drake hipped his Twitter flock to the Weeknd, he and the singer born Abel Tesfaye brought their respective OVO and XO cliques together to form the all-encompassing OVOXO crew. But when the singer dropped his Trilogy album with Universal Republic, the logo for Drake's company didn't appear on the packaging.

In the end Drake, may never name names, but he does say that "he's trying to win here again" and with his third album, Nothing was the Same on the way, he seems to be preparing to meet that goal.

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