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JK Rowling Reveals Which 'Harry Potter' Death Was 'The Worst' And Apologizes to Fans

Do you forgive her yet?

JK Rowling -- also known as The Queen of Everything But Especially Twitter -- is really sorry for killing off one of your favorite "Harry Potter" characters.

Actually, she's probably sorry for offing a whole bunch of them, but one in particular earned her fandom a tweet of sweet regret yesterday (May 2).

Yep, Rowling put her sorting hat in hand and delivered a heartfelt apology for taking out young Fred Weasley 17 years ago at the Battle of Hogwarts, when he died defending the coolest school in the whole wide world (fictional or not). Via explosion, no less. Pause for WEEP.

Even though Fred's death was ridiculously painful for all of us -- becuase WHYYYYYYY -- apparently, it was even harder on her. So hard, in fact, that she has officially declared it "the worst" of every character in her series ever.

Can you forgive her for her authorial cruelty? Can anyone? 'Cause the responses she got for her effort were mixed, at best. Looks like there are a lot of still-grieving "Potter" fans who, like, really aren't having it because it cannot be undone and where are the tissues already, Jo?!

Looks like we only have 364 more days to wait for the next-worse death apology. Who's next?