'Iron Man 2' Star Don Cheadle On Superhero Films And The Character He'd Like To Play

"Vanilla Man!" the actor laughed. However, Cheadle quickly followed up his reply with his thoughts on comic films and whether he had any interest in landing a role in one.

"I’d love to do that, I love comic books," replied Cheadle. "Unfortunately, there’s not a lot of black superheroes that they’ve made comic books about, so maybe we have to go the other way, create one in the film and then create a comic book about him."

Or, in his case, land a role as Col. Rhodes, Tony Stark's right hand man who will most likely don the sleek silver armor of War Machine in the upcoming sequel to "Iron Man."

When further pressed on his thoughts about the genre -- specifically if he agrees with Warner Bros.'s rumored mandate of making darker, more brooding superhero films -- Cheadle seemed to take to that approach, but also felt that many "dark" comic films only scratched the surface.

"I liked 'The Dark Knight,' I liked the comic series, and they still didn’t go as far as that went, which I don’t know if they ever could," said Cheadle. "But yeah, if you’re gonna make a movie about a vigilante, make him dark, that’s not a real light subject matter."

All that being said, it will be interesting to see the approach director Jon Favreau takes with an assumed War Machine-centric story, given the numerous dark directions that character has been in the comics.

Think Cheadle may be hinting at something here with his thoughts on comic films? What's your take on the recent news about his role in "Iron Man 2?" Talk to us below.