The 11 Most Badass Middle Fingers At The VMAs

You've probably seen this Miley Cyrus VMA promo at least once by now. It's Miley standing in front of a green screen, wearing a glittery cherry headband and cranking out a middle finger for the camera. Well, not only is it fitting for Miley and her propensity to unapologetically f--k s--t up, it's appropriate for the show itself.

Yes, friends, the VMAs have a long history with middle fingers, and I have the pictures to prove it. Walk with me.

Robert Downey Jr. and Slash, 1988

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1988 MTV Video Music Awards

An unlikely pairing. A likely hand gesture.

Luther Campbell and 2 Live Crew, 1990

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1990 MTV Video Music Awards

As if "Banned in the U.S.A." wasn't badass enough.

Nas, 1998

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1998 MTV VMA Party

Who said Mickey can't be hard?

Eminem and Dr. Dre, 1999

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The 1999 MTV Video Music Awards

Dre didn't need to flip a bird—Em held up enough for both of them.

Eminem, 1999

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16th Annual MTV Video Music Awards - Press Room

What, like you've never seen a middle finger before?

Jaime King and Kid Rock, 2000

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2000 MTV Video Music Awards

This couple tactic is pretty ingenious. Look, even Moby can't take his eyes off of it!

Courtney Love, 2000

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The 12th Annual MTV Video Music Awards

If there were an official Queen of Middle Fingers, I feel like Courtney would totally be it?

Flea, 2000

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2000 MTV Video Music Awards

V cool juxtaposition of having "LOVE" tattooed on the same hands you're using to flicking people off, Flea.

Good Charlotte, 2003

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2003 MTV Video Music Awards - Arrivals

The Madden brothers may look tough here, but deep-down these dudes have sweet, sweet pop punk harmonies living in their souls.

Katy Perry, 2010

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Singer Katy Perry gestures as she arrive

BRB, framing this picture of Katy Perry and putting it on my nightstand as daily affirmation.

Lady Gaga, 2011

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2011 MTV Video Music Awards - Press Room

And the last photographed middle finger of the VMAs? Lady Gaga in character as Jo Calderone.

Will Miley add some more to this list? We'll have to wait until Sunday to find out!

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