R3hab Tops Off Stellar Year With ZROQ Collabo 'Skydrop'

Track was released last week on Tiësto's Musical Freedom label.

It's clear that coining R3hab an EDM Rookie to Watch in 2012 was no lofty prediction. The Dutch DJ has spent the past 12 months proving us right time and time again, touring with Afrojack and remixing the likes of Jay Sean, Lady Gaga and Nikki Minaj. And R3hab is topping off his successful year with "Skydrop," featuring ZROQ and released on Tiësto's Musical Freedom label.

R3hab revealed the process behind the creation of "Skydrop" to MTV News recently at XS Nightclub in Las Vegas.

According to the DJ, it took a bit of time before the production of "Skydrop" even happened. "It's just a process you keep on working on and working on. I was really excited when the end result was there," he told MTV News.

R3hab met ZROQ through a friend and they started working on tracks and remixes together. After a few productions, "Skydrop" was complete. "Sometimes it takes 10 records to get to the right one. I'm very happy with it," the DJ said.

R3hab describes the track as starting with a main melody that continues throughout the song and changes into progressions and a baseline.

"It was sort of a production I wanted to do for a long time. When we had the right progressions and the right melody, we could just copy and paste the whole song and still make it sound interesting."

For R3hab, making it sound interesting was the most difficult part. ZROQ, a DJ who conveniently was a good keyboardist as well, played the chords in the same rhythm as the baseline, complementing each other's style.

When they finally finished production of the track, they sent it to Tiësto, who "loved it right away." A compliment most DJs could only hope to hear.

You might think the DJ would want to spend the next few days relaxing. On the contrary, R3hab and Afrojack will bring their Jacked tour to New York City for New Year's Eve. With several remixes scheduled for release in 2013, R3hab looks forward to another exciting year for EDM, one that he thinks will be filled with a lot of "diversity."