Mayan Apocalypse: Best Songs To Play Until The World Ends

If it all ends on December 21, at least we danced! MTV News has your ultimate playlist, from end-of-the-world pop to EDM to ratchet club anthems.

Whether or not the world's really going to end on December 21, 2012, when the ancient Mayan Calendar is thought to expire, we at MTV News thought it would be better to be safe than sorry. And we'd be very sorry if we didn't have the perfect end-of-the-world playlist prepared. So we called a mandatory staff meeting and came up with an essential list. Dance on ... and hope to see you on the other side!

"Till the World Ends," Britney Spears

If the Mayan Apocalypse needed an anthem, this could be it. And if Britney's video is accurate, the hours leading up to December 21 would be best spent in a sweaty underground club as the world falls apart above us. Luckily, Brit has given us proper instructions on what to do as the world ends: Dance. Whatever you say, Britney! — Christina Garibaldi

"Save the World," Swedish House Mafia

This should be on every end-of-the-world mix. The lyrics are appropriate, yet inspirational and the SHM track is the perfect start to a very serious dance party. — Elizabeth Lancaster

"You Oughta Know," Alanis Morissette

Just because the world is coming to an end, doesn't mean we have to stop despising our exes. (Post-breakup grudges are forever.) — Vaughn Trudeau Schoonmaker

"Scream," Usher

This song describes exactly what most of us will be doing anyway if the end turns out to be as cataclysmic as they say. — Kimberly Reynolds

"Running," Jessie Ware (Disclosure Remix)

If the world ends, let's assume it will be by Zombie Apocalypse (OK, we've jinxed ourselves with this one). Hopefully, we'll be with our loved ones because you know it'll be all about running for our lives. Not only is Ware's track arguably one of the Best Songs of 2012, it fits right in with the doomsday vision. — Sarah Ward

"Skyfall," Adele

The lyrics are very end-of-the-world-esque. Plus, it will have been from one of the last movies we really enjoyed! — Tami Katzoff

"Bandz a Make Her Dance," Juicy J (feat. Lil Wayne and 2 Chainz

While the Heaven-bound half of the world is singing their salvation songs, we'll be dancing to this altogether meaningless song that is likely forsaken by God. And using whatever money we have left to make it rain like Juicy J. — Emily Blake

"Sweet Life," Frank Ocean

Because ... it's been pretty sweet. — Sandra Piedra

"24 Hrs. to Live," Ma$e (feat. Diddy, DMX, the LOX and Black Rob)

Deciding how to spend the last day on Earth is overwhelming: Where would you go? What would you do? Luckily, Ma$e and his homeys prepped us for this 15 years ago, by providing plenty of suggestions. As Jadakiss said, "I'ma play lotto, for what? Even though I ain't gonna be here tomorrow, so what!" — Rob Markman

"Dancing On My Own," Robyn

It makes us think of Hannah dancing alone in her room on "Girls" after a horrible night, and it somehow seems appropriate. Dance on ... — Nadeska Alexis

"Skydrop" R3hab & ZROQ

"Skydrop" is much more than a song with a foretelling title. No need to duck in a corner while awaiting The End if this track, courtesy of house music producers R3hab & ZROQ and Tiësto, comes on. Just throw your hands in up in the air in collective, euphoric, sweaty splendor. — Akshay Bhansali

"Call Me Maybe," Carly Rae Jepsen

What better time to give out your digits without worrying about the repercussions? "Oh, it's our last day on earth? Here's my number, so call me maybe never." — Cory Midgarden

*Disclaimer: According to the trusted scientists at NASA and "Jersey Shore" star Vinny, the world will NOT be ending anytime soon. This playlist is still great to have ready though ... just in case.