'X Factor' Preview: Contestants Reveal Tonight's Themes

During rehearsals, remaining three talk to MTV News about how they're preparing for Wednesday's finale.

As the revamped second season of "X Factor" comes to an end, the remaining three contestants have one more night of performances to look forward to before the ultimate winner is announced.

It was in this setting that MTV News caught up with the final three contestants as they were rehearsing for their big finales on Wednesday (December 19).

"One of the themes is 'Song of the Season,' one of them is '$5 Million Song,' and one of them is singing with your duet partner," revealed Carly Rose Sonenclar, who will be duetting with LeAnn Rimes. She added, "It's just practicing and not trying to work myself too hard and just trying to relax."

Country singer and current front-runner Tate Stevens is making sure to bring his A-game to the finale. "You really have to bring everything you have," he explained. "You get three performances on Wednesday night and they all matter, they all count."

Taking nothing for granted, he added, "It's going to be tough. You have to do everything you can do to put all the emotion, pull out all the tricks and put it into each performance to make it to Thursday." And even though you do your best, it's ultimately out of your hands, as Tate explained. "It's up to America," he said. "You can do your best, and if they didn't like it, you're not going on."

With their surprising inclusion in the finals, Fifth Harmony are looking to shake things up heading into Wednesday night's performances. "This week, definitely expect surprises from us, but in a good way. We're excited for these songs," said Ally Brooke. "To ultimately win I think we need to connect with the audience and put our best performance out there."

After last week's raves for their performance of Ellie Goulding's "Anything Could Happen," the girls seem to have finally found a hit with both the fans and the judges.

"Regardless of what happens — it would be incredible if we could win — we're definitely going to stay a group," Brooke promised. "We made a pact and a promise to remain a group and remain together because this is how we want to be in the industry, as a group."

Lauren Jauregui added, "The market is open for a girl group, and we hope to be able to fill that."

As Simon Cowell mentioned in a press conference earlier in the week, anyone can win this season. "I think this will be the closest finals that I've ever been involved in. I think anyone can pull it off on the night, and I'm still going to be backing my girls to win this."