Fun. Got 'Emotional' Over Their Six Grammy Nominations

Fun.'s six Grammy noms brought on a 'crazy rush of images and experiences,' they tell MTV News.

According to pretty much every pundit in the biz, Fun. were a mortal lock to nab a boatload of Grammy nominations on Wednesday night ... then again, it's not like the guys in the band were listening.

"People told us, but only a total sh--head, would sit there and go 'Yeah, I think you're right,'" guitarist Jack Antonoff told MTV News. "In our case, the only thing we could do is shut ourselves off, and that's been our response this whole time."

But, lo and behold, the pundits got it right, as Fun. picked up six Grammy nominations, and made history by becoming the first true rock band to earn nods in the so-called "Big Four" categories: Album, Record and Song of the Year, plus Best New Artist. And that accomplishment means more to the band than being the night's most-nominated act.

"That's one thing that we cherish, because that's the torch that we are so proud to hold. We know it's rare, and ... it's easy to talk sh-- about this day and age of rock music, but you look back, it's been forever. It's hard to make it as a rock band on a certain level," Antonoff said. "And we believe in that, like, what it means to be a musician, and getting back to, just like, going to the store, buying instruments with your friends, and playing in the garage; that's the heart of being in a rock band, so to accomplish this, it's really special."

And as if all of that wasn't surreal enough, well, imagine having one of those nominations announced via song, which is what happened to Fun. when fellow BNA nominee serenaded them with a version of "We Are Young" while reading the noms for Best Pop Vocal Album.

"It was crazy, we were sitting in the audience and we got Pop Vocal, which was the first one we were nominated for, and, you know, to have a dude playing guitar, singing our song ... the surealness of hearing your name called in a nomination list is quadrupled when you're hearing your song sang in a nominations list," Antonoff laughed. "But that first one was amazing, because that was the moment where it was like 'Okay, no matter what happens from here, we're technically a Grammy-nominated artist.'"

Of course, things might not stop with the nominations. Given that Fun.'s six nominations are tied with Frank Ocean, Mumford & Sons, Jay-Z and Kanye West for the most of any artist, there's a pretty good chance they'll leave the 55th Grammys as winners, too. Though Antonoff isn't ready to start thinking about the future just yet ... on occasions like this, he's more inclined to remember the past.

"More than it being exciting or celebratory, it was emotional, because things this massive, they make you look back," he said. "And for us, it's been a 12-year journey to get to where we've gotten to this year, and to be recognized with the nominations, it's a crazy rush of images and experiences in your head; all of things like Andrew literally eating out dumpsters, sleeping on floors, playing shows and asking people if they had a room we could sleep in ... and it all got us to this point."

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