Ne-Yo Wanted To 'Ride The Middle' On R.E.D.

Singer talks to MTV News about how his latest album incorporates both party jams and R&B tracks.

Ne-Yo is burning up radio and dance floors with his empowering party jam, "Let Me Love You," the R&B singer's latest take on pop-infused dance music. But, as he looks to his latest album, R.E.D., for his next single, he's thinking he might shake it up.

"Should I let the cat out of the bag now?" he pondered on the red carpet at a GQ event earlier this week in L.A. "OK, well the next single we just shot the video for is a song on the album called 'Forever Now.' It's on the pop and dance side of things.

"But there's also a record on the R&B side of things called 'Should Be You,' featuring Fabolous and Diddy," he shared, noting that three guys may join forces to make a visual for the deluxe edition track, with a possibility that it all may happen "very soon."

But, he says, those may not even be contenders for the album's next single. He might instead next drop a track that can keep both his pop fans and his R&B-loving fans happy. He shared he may release the song "Miss Right," which he says "that kind of rides the middle."

But, it's all up in the air as he warned fans: "So, be looking out for one of those three."

For now, fans will have to dance until dawn to his Sia-penned "Let Me Love You (Until You Learn to Love Yourself)" until he makes the final decision. Ne-Yo dropped R.E.D. earlier this month. In addition to Diddy and Fab, it also features collaborations with some likely and unlikely bedfellows ranging from Wiz Khalifa to Tim McGraw.

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