Passion Pit's 'Breaking Dawn' Track 'Happened To Correlate' With Film

'I wrote a song about my own experiences,' says frontman Mike Angelakos, telling MTV News he hadn't actually seen the 'Twilight' film before he composed.

Twi-hards surely are counting the seconds until the release of the final film in the "Twilight" series, "Breaking Dawn - Part 2," comes out on November 16. But just a few days before, on November 13, fans will be able to get an earful of the film's music when its soundtrack drops — including a new track by Passion Pit.

The group's cut, "Where I Come From," opens the 14-song album, which also features songs by such veteran and budding acts as Green Day, Feist, and St. Vincent. But if Passion Pit are to be believed, that's just a drop in the bucket compared to their additional contributions to the franchise.

"Well, when I first started writing the 'Twilight' screenplays, I was thinking of Michael's songs the whole time I did it," explained drummer (and jester) Nate Donmoyer when asked about how the band earned the honor when we caught up with them during their rehearsals for "Saturday Night Live." "It was the main inspiration, so it worked out when he finally said 'yes.' "

"I took about four films for me to finally say, 'yes,' and then I said 'yes,' " added the band's frontman and lyricist, Michael Angelakos. "And I wrote a song. And that's that!"

The actual story behind the song is decidedly less glamorous, but as Angelakos explains, unbeknownst to him, his songwriting was fully aligned with the film — though it wasn't until after recording the song that the band were treated to a screening. "You write the song before seeing the film, they don't allow you to see the film, so I wrote a song about my own experiences, and it just so happened to correlate."

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