James Cameron's Fave 'Titanic 3D' Moment: Kate Or The Boat?

'3-D lives and breathes when you're close to people,' director tells MTV News.

It should come as no surprise to James Cameron fans to hear that the Oscar winner was heavily involved in the 3-D conversion process of his epic blockbuster "Titanic." The director found himself in the familiar position of having a complex love/hate relationship with his own work.

When MTV News caught up with Cameron recently to discuss the 3-D film's arrival on DVD/Blu-ray recently, we asked if there's ever a point in editing or conversion when he can't watch his own movies anymore.

"Converting 'Titanic' to 3-D, I watched every shot over and over and over, frame by frame by frame, so I knew that was going to spoil it for me," Cameron said. "So before I started the process, I had a viewing with my younger kids, who hadn't really seen it and got to enjoy it and see their reactions, and then I went to work and knew it was going to ruin it again for me for five years."

Something that wasn't ruined for Cameron was the magic of 3-D and how it enhanced his experience in watching the film in surprising ways.

"The thing that people don't expect, they expect the ship in all its glory breaking up and such to be cool in 3-D, and it is, but that's not where 3-D lives and breathes," Cameron said. "3-D lives and breathes when you're close to people. So some of the little dramatic scenes, the one scene that always pops for me when I watch the movie is the scene where the mom is tying the corset on Kate Winslet's character, on Rose, and you're right there in that room with them. It just feels so claustrophobic, and you feel the pressure on her and the 3-D enhances that. Or when she's running around the corridor lost in the labyrinth of the flooding ship, your heart starts to speed up, you feel the tension."

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