Fatboy Slim's 'Bootique' Party Leaves Stage For The Screen

EDM icon takes his legendary party to the big screen for one night.

Since coming alive in 2002, Fatboy Slim's "Big Beach Bootique" parties have been held exclusively in his hometown of Brighton, U.K. But the dance music icon will unleash his latest party to the world as a cinematic dance experience when "Fatboy Slim Live: From the Big Beach Bootique" shows in theaters across the globe Friday.

The film will feature footage from Fatboy Slim's most recent Big Beach Bootique party, which was held for two nights at the American Express Community Stadium in Brighton.

In anticipation for the debut, MTV.com released two clips from the film last week. The footage showed 40,000 ravers dancing, glowsticks flying and a 600-square-meter LED video wall, which reached half the stadium. Fatboy Slim premiered as his alter ego, the Joker, playing "Strings of Life" in one personality and "NYC Beat" in the other, during a pyrotechnic lightshow. His trademark smiley faces bopped around the screen, along with spurts of lightning bolts and trippy visuals. Rumor has it that the hour-long film will feature the multiplatinum artist playing a decades' worth of his signature sound.

MTV News caught up with Fatboy Slim himself to find out how he brought his "biggest" show to the big screen.

"It was a pivotal gig for me and for the city of Brighton," Fatboy told MTV News. "A triumphant homecoming and christening of the stadium and the first ever rave in a soccer stadium and the biggest show production we've ever done, so we thought it was worth recording for posterity. We like to put on a big party and wanted to share with the world what it looked and sounded like."

If the film (hosted by Cinema Live in conjunction with CC-Lab and Angelo Management/Southern Fried Records) captures even a fraction of the energy of the live show, then the its self-deemed title as "the biggest cinema dance party" should hold true.