Jennifer Lopez's 'Goin' In' Video: A Neon-Colored Feast For The Eyes

Singer shakes in glittery costumes in her latest video.

Jennifer Lopez's brand-new video for "Goin' In" is a dazzling spectacle of grinding dance moves, eye-popping visuals and a whole lot of glitter.

The video, which Lopez premiered during "MTV First: Jennifer Lopez" on Wednesday (July 25), opens with Lopez blowing a dandelion with her crystal-covered lips. As the spores begin to take flight, they turn into glittery specs floating into space. It's the first of many moments that focus on what looks cool, instead of telling a cohesive story.

Next, she dons a bright pink cape and is surrounded by white wolves, which then cuts to multiple setups of her in various sparkly outfits, popping and locking in front of "Waiting for Tonight"-inspired lasers and alongside an army of dancers. Neon paint spills everywhere, dancers punch through brightly-colored walls, people pound drums with colored sand, cars bounce about and fire hydrants spout colored liquid.

J.Lo isn't the only star of the brightly colored clip. Footage from Step Up Revolution has also been incorporated, showing dancers on the streets. That is also cut with appearances from Lil Jon and Flo Rida, who make cameos on the track.

"Goin' In" was produced by LMFAO's frequent contributor, GoonRook. It's featured on both J.Lo's greatest hits album, Dance Again ... The Hits, which dropped this week, as well as the soundtrack to Step Up Revolution, which hits theaters Friday.