Will Nicki Minaj Come Back To Twitter?

Her Barbz sure hope so, but Nicki bid them 'good f---ing bye' on Sunday.

On Sunday, more than 11 million Barbz had their lifeline to Nicki Minaj abruptly severed when the femcee shut down her Twitter account.

Tensions initially escalated over Minaj's accusation that a fan site had leaked some of her tracks and culminated in the rapper's deactivation of her account. This move came as a shock to many of her fans, as Minaj was one of the most followed Twitter users in the world (she had more followers than Oprah!) and constantly filled her timeline with personalized responses to individual fans. It seems that maintaining such an open dialogue with her fans may have backfired as she formulated her last frustrated tweets including, "Like seriously, its but so much a person can take. Good f---ing bye."

While having a Twitter following in the millions certainly comes with perks, the negative comments undoubtedly wear on stars. Chris Brown has deleted his account and his tweets on more than one occasion, after getting fed up with comments from other users about his personal life. Brown and Minaj aren't alone: John Mayer, Miley Cyrus and Demi Lovato have all been Twitter quitters at one point too.

Celebs ditch Twitter for a variety of reasons — after a scandal, over backlash from ill-thought-out comments, or sometimes just to focus on their career and not get caught up in the constant flow of communication the social-networking site thrives on. But it seems just as difficult to stay away. Brown, Lovato and Cyrus have all since returned to the site, while Mayer currently has a working account with zero tweets logged.

An open letter to Nicki Minaj from MTV's Twitter

But how long does Minaj have to decide about coming back to her millions of Barbz? According to a source at Twitter, after a period of inactivity (several months of not logging in), a deactivated handle can be reassigned to another user. However, before anyone thinks they can snap up the @nickiminaj handle in a few months, with a verified celebrity account, Twitter works with the user before any action is taken. So whether Minaj ever returns, no one should count on grabbing that user name anytime soon. Plus, if she does have a change of heart, her following will remain intact, so the Barbz would be the first to know about a comeback.

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