Ne-Yo: 'Leave You Alone' Video With Young Jeezy 'Really A Movie'

'We both kind of stayed in our own lanes but made it make sense,' Ne-Yo tells MTV News of collaboration.'We both kind of stayed in our own lanes but made it make sense,' Ne-Yo tells MTV News of collaboration.

While the literal definition of a movie is a motion picture, the DJ Khaled definition of a movie can range from a really great party to a hit record or a classic album. When it comes to the upcoming video for Young Jeezy and Ne-Yo's new single "Leave You Alone," the former definition applies, but judging from the video's trailer, which was released online on Thursday, the DJ Khaled definition is also applicable.

"Make sure you check for that video coming real soon. It's a movie. Not even in a DJ Khaled sense; like, it's really a movie," Ne-Yo told MTV News on Sunday when he walked the red carpet before the 2012 NBA All-Star Game in Orlando.

Ne-Yo didn't want to give too much of the video's plot away, but he did hint that Jizzle would be moving just a bit out of his comfort zone in the TAJ_TPK-directed clip. "We both kind of stayed in our own lanes but made it make sense," Ne-Yo said. "I moved just far enough out of my lane to make sense for him and he moved just far enough out of his to make sense for me, but it's still Ne-Yo, it's still Jeezy, and it's all good, trust."

Trailers for videos aren't normally this dramatic, but the Jeezy-narrated clip is more Hollywood than hip-hop. The Snowman's new female-friendly TM 103 single is a departure from his normal trap anthems, though Jeezy does well to stay in his character of thug motivator. On the track, Young raps about a forbidden love, while Ne-Yo's R&B hook puts the age-old good-girls-love-bad-boys narrative in perfect context.

The dramatic minute-and-a-half trailer does even more to illustrate the story. From the start, the ATL spitter reminds viewers of the pitfalls of his hustling lifestyle, having to watch his back and not being able to trust anyone. Doesn't seem like love is in the cards for Jeezy, until a young beauty from a rival Latin crew catches his eye. "She been on my mind, but the problem was I could never see her face until now," Jeezy said, setting up the video's main plotline. "My life, this life, will never be the same again/ Her name is Olivia, yeah."

Young Jeezy's "Leave You Alone" video will be out March 9.