T.I. Promises To Make Iggy Azalea Twice As Good

Executive producing Iggy's The New Classic, Tip tells MTV News, 'She ain't half as good as she gonna be when I get through with her.'

You have to figure it takes a pretty special artist to get T.I. excited. Enter Iggy Azalea.

Earlier this month, the Australian rapper revealed to MTV News that the Grand Hustle CEO is on tap to executive produce her major-label debut, The New Classic, on Interscope. "I just recently got a call from a white girl from Australia, and she just expressed such extreme, enormous amounts of eagerness and wanting me to just spearhead and oversee her project," T.I. told MTV News on Saturday in Atlanta.

Azalea's excitement is understandable: What rap rookie wouldn't want to work with Tip? But it's Iggy's fresh energy that has inspired the King of the South. "She crazy as a mother----er and that fits right in over here," he said. "That's just the kind of egos we need around us, so I'm looking forward to that."

Iggy made waves last year with her Ignorant Art mixtape, including fan-favorite singles "My World," "The Last Song" and the risqué "Pu---. " All of the digital attention I.A. garnered led to a deal with Interscope, which she signed at the top of the year. "T.I.'s gonna be helping me with it, kind of A&R'ing, kind of executive producing," Azalea said. "In terms of writing the record, that's not the part that really worries me — that's easy. It's finding the production and finding something cohesive that is right for the direction of the album."

Well, just wait until T.I. gets to working with her. "She kick sh--," he said. "She ain't half as good as she gonna be when I get through with her though."