Channing Tatum 'Nervous' To Host 'Saturday Night Live'

'They really set you up to succeed,' Tatum tells MTV News of 'SNL' cast.

This year is shaping up to be a huge one for Channing Tatum. With five movies set for release in 2012 — the next being "The Vow" with Rachel McAdams on February 10 — it's makes sense that Tatum is about to reach a pretty big milestone in his career: hosting "Saturday Night Live" for the first time, alongside musical guest Bon Iver.

MTV News caught up with star during rehearsals on the "SNL" set, where he seemed to be a little anxious taking on his newest role as host.

"I'm more nervous then I could probably tell you," Channing admitted. "It happened so sort of constant and fast, you don't really get a chance to think about it all too much. Like, you go home, you think and think and think, then you pass out and your alarm goes off, and then you come and do it again."

The "SNL" cast is trying to put Tatum's nerves at ease. "They take care of you so much, so they really set you up to succeed," he said. "Everyone is so at the top of their game as far as writing and acting, and this is a machine like I've never seen before. I wish movies ran this efficient; we would make them better."

Tatum, who revealed that his favorite past "SNL" castmembers are Dan Aykroyd and Chris Kattan, got some unusual advice on what he should do Saturday night from onetime host Kelly Ripa.

"She said to put Vaseline on my teeth because she said your mouth goes dry when you say your name and your lips are stuck to your teeth," Channing said. "If I can remember it, I'll do it, but maybe I'll Vaseline the lips instead of the teeth."

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