Demi Lovato: Behind Her World Series National Anthem

We follow the singer as she returns to her hometown to sing the 'Star-Spangled Banner' and cheer the Texas Rangers to victory.

Fifteen minutes before taking the field to sing the national anthem near her hometown of Dallas at Game 5 of the World Series, Demi Lovato admitted to MTV News just how nervous she was.

"I feel like I'm about to jump out of a plane," the young star confided nervously after warming up her vocals in a back room deep in the heart of Arlington, Texas' Rangers Ballpark. "Although this is a lot safer."

MTV News got the opportunity to spend the day with Demi as she prepped for the big moment. Minutes before stepping out in front of 51,000 people, she was cracking jokes, but it was plain to see that she was nervous — extremely excited, but definitely nervous.

Just seventeen minutes later, and Demi's smile said everything you needed to know about how her performance went. Standing on the field watching the 19-year-old belt out the notoriously difficult song, it was hard not to get swept up in the emotion of it all. Even before the end of the anthem, hitting a particularly difficult note in stride, the crowd erupted in premature cheering.

As fireworks erupted and the crowd stood cheering, Demi left the field smiling. As we walked through the back hallways of the stadium, we were stopped every few feet by fans, athletes and MLB officials telling Demi how amazing she had done. After posing for photos with a few fans, Demi was approached by Dodgers center fielder Matt Kemp, who had also just left the field after being given the 2011 Hank Aaron Award as the most outstanding offensive player in the National League. Kemp took a moment to congratulate Demi and ask for a picture with her.

Finally back in the green room, Demi was able to stop and think back on the whirlwind 20 minutes. Her family and friends were all there to support her, and they gushed about seeing the performance on TV and how clearly moved the players and fans were. In the company of her support circle, Demi was able to relax and laugh and let the nervous energy of the day roll away. All that was left was to sit back and spend time with the people that she cared about the most — and cheer on the Rangers, of course.

We all traveled to our seats to watch the World Series game, and Demi sat in-between her aunt and one of her childhood friends, with other relatives and close friends flanking her on either side. For the next few hours, Demi got to watch the exciting game like the rest of the 50,999 fans in the stadium, eating popcorn and standing up to cheer as the Texas Rangers' Mike Napoli got the final out of the game to seal Texas' 4-2 win over the St-Louis Cardinals. A perfect end to a long and exciting day for Demi Lovato.

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