Demi Lovato Calls 'Who's That Boy' 'Flirty, Exciting'

'It's just a fun, upbeat song,' singer tells MTV News of second single off her Unbroken album.

It's been just over a month since the release of Demi Lovato's third studio album, Unbroken. Even though the album didn't give Lovato her highest Billboard chart debut — Unbroken debuted at #4, while her first solo album, Don't Forget, debuted at #2 and her sophomore album, Here We Go Again, debuted at #1 — the 19-year-old's latest effort was not only a favorite among Lovato's loyal fans but a critics' favorite as well.

"I was really surprised that the critics loved it," Lovato told MTV News. "I was very excited about it, and I'm really thankful that they do because critics can be hard. So anytime you get a good review from them, I'm really thankful about it."

Coming off the success of the first single, "Skyscraper," an inspirational ballad, Lovato is ready to get her Lovatics on their feet with her new single, "Who's That Boy."

"It's just a fun, upbeat song," Lovato said of the second single. "It's flirty, it's sexy, it's exciting and I love it. I think it's radio-friendly, and I think it's a good choice for a second single."

The song features electro-pop singer Dev, one of the many collaborators Lovato worked with on the album — others include Jason Derülo, Missy Elliott, Timbaland and Iyaz.

"Dev is really good," Lovato said. "Ryan Tedder from OneRepublic actually wrote the song and produced it and he was the one that got Dev on the song."

Lovato said they've "thought about" shooting a video for "Who's That Boy" but do not have a shoot date.

Next on the singer's list is her upcoming tour. Lovato hits the road next month for 10 dates, beginning November 16 in Detroit, where she will be able to showcase this very special album for her fans.

"Making the album was a personal journey for me; it was kind of like a roller coaster," Lovato said. "I was going through so much over the past year, but at the end of it I just wanted to inspire people and just give them music to have fun dancing to and listening to, and hopefully I accomplished that."

So what's the one song off Unbroken that Lovato can't get enough of?

"I think it would be 'Unbroken,' " Lovato said. " 'Unbroken' is my favorite song off the album. What I love about that song so much is that it's upbeat, it's fun to dance to, I love blaring it in the car. It's one of those songs."

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