'Man Of Steel' Seen Up Close In New Set Photos

Shots of Henry Cavill on set give a detailed look of new Superman suit.

"Man of Steel" is taking a decidedly different turn from previous Superman films. Lois Lane is a redhead. Laurence Fishburne is playing the first non-white Perry White. And those red underpants are long gone.

Based on the latest set photos that have hit the Web, Superman's suit has gotten a serious update as well. The first image of Henry Cavill as Superman was released earlier this month, but his position in the shot made it hard to get a complete look at the suit. These new stills offer the first up-close, full-body looks at the outfit in Zack Snyder's Superman movie, and the response to the new look has been positive so far.

SuperHeroHype compiled the photos, which show Cavill walking around on the set in between takes. The suit has a lot more texture than Superman's outfits in previous films, and also has added new accents, including silvery lines that wrap around the torso, and go up the back and down the legs.

This new take on Superman's look seems a lot more Kryptonian than the ones made famous by Christopher Reeve and Brandon Routh. It's darker and more subdued hues and stylized form make it look a lot more alien than other manifestations of the suit. Also worth noting is the fact that Cavill isn't wearing his red cape in many of these pictures, which means there's a chance that the cape could be CGI for part of the movie. Of course, he also could have just taken the cape off between takes.

For fans still complaining about the lack of red underpants in Snyder's "Man of Steel," it should be noted that the decision is reflective of Superman's new costume in the DC Comics reboot that kicked off on Wednesday.

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